Staying Healthy As You Get Older

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It has been 75 years since The Radio Doctor, Charles Hill, gave his first broadcast. Dr Hill, who also served as MP for Luton, was a broadcaster on the BBC during World War II. He became a familiar voice to thousands, dishing out regular advice to listeners on how to stay healthy during the war years. […]

4 Alternatives to Nursing Home Care

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It can often be difficult to make the decision to move into a nursing care home. However, sometimes changes that come with age result in independent living no longer being a viable option. These can include everything from reduced mobility or health, which makes daily tasks harder to complete, to the rising cost of living. […]

Life Expectancy in Worthing 2018 – What Do We Know?

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Despite being one of the largest economies in the world, the United Kingdom is lagging behind many less wealthy European counterparts when it comes to one key area: life expectancy. While this has been known for some time now, the extent of this issue has found new urgency due to a startling analysis by Public […]

Which Countries are the Best When it Comes to Elderly Care?

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Care for the elderly is a major talking point throughout the world. With life expectancy increasing, it’s important for us to find the most effective ways of making life better for our ageing populations. However, different countries have different ideas about what constitutes the best way forward – with these often being based around cultural, […]

The Relationship Between Age and Fashion

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There’s a misconception that ageing and fashion don’t go well together: that as we get older, somehow all our interest in looking and feeling our best disappears. Well, it doesn’t. While our tastes may change over time – at least, they do for many of us –, the fun and creativity of fashion and the […]

Common Fears of Elderly People Moving into a Care Home

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The decision to move into a nursing home is a big life change. As such, it comes accompanied with common and understandable fears. If you are faced with helping a loved one make this decision, it’s useful to be aware of what might cause them to feel fearful. It’s also crucial that you know how […]

Social Activities for the Elderly

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Engaging in meaningful activities and staying social are vitally important for the well-being of all of us, at any age. It can provide us with goals, new skills and give us a reason to enjoy each and every day to the fullest. At Melrose Care Home, that’s what we’re all about: providing a home where […]