The Relationship Between Age and Fashion

There’s a misconception that ageing and fashion don’t go well together: that as we get older, somehow all our interest in looking and feeling our best disappears. Well, it doesn’t. While our tastes may change over time – at least, they do for many of us –, the fun and creativity of fashion and the importance of self-care never goes out of style.

However, there’s no denying that we do look different as we get older. As a result, many people fall out of love with fashion simply because they don’t know how to best dress for their changing features. Not only that but for years, older people were neglected by the fashion industry. Thankfully, designers and high street brands are finally waking up to the fact that people of all ages are interested in having a beautiful wardrobe at their disposal that is truly tailored to their tastes.

That last point is really important because our list of style tips is only intended as suggestions. After all, clothes should be about having fun and feeling good. Ultimately, whatever you feel best in is the best look for you, no matter what your age. With that said, here are some tips you may find useful when it comes to dressing for any season.

  • Buy clothes that work together

One of the main mistakes anyone can make when buying clothes is purchasing them as individual pieces rather than considering whether they go together. This means we often have an overwhelming amount of nice separate pieces but a complete lack of cohesive outfits.

When you’re shopping, it’s vital to asses not just how much you like an item of clothing but also how well it will go with your other pieces. There are several ways of doing this effectively. One way is to buy an entire outfit at a time. Alternatively, you can shop with your existing wardrobe in mind and find pieces that match with it. Another method is to pick quite neutral clothes which you can then spruce up with more statement items, such as jewellery or jackets. This really allows you to be creative and keeps things simple.

  • Don’t overbuy

Most of us have probably been guilty of this from one time or another. Over the years, you end up accumulating a small mountain of clothes: none of which goes together, and none of it being particularly exciting. This is even more likely as we get older and that mountain gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

Imagine if you took all the time and money you have spent on clothes you didn’t really want and instead only bought pieces that you feel really great in. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend more on clothes – in fact, being pickier with your purchases should end up costing you a lot less overall. It does mean though that we’re suggesting you give a lot more weight to what gets in your closet. View it as an exclusive club: not just any garment can get in.

  • Don’t be afraid to give unwanted clothes away

Remember that overflowing closet we mentioned? Well, if that sounds like yours, then it’s time to part ways with some of your unloved clothing. Not only are those neglected items taking up vital space in your soon-to-be very exclusive wardrobe, but it also could be something that someone else would wear and enjoy. On top of that, decluttering is a great way of getting everything organised, which can make choosing what to wear so much easier.

  • Take comfort into account

When you put on a new piece of clothing, consider how it will feel to wear over the course of a whole day. At times, what we think is tolerably comfortable for five minutes in a changing room might not be as comfy over the course of several hours.

Comfort is often ignored in the fashion world, but the fact remains that it is a very important factor. While designers might only care about looks over the practicality, it’s ultimately you who has to bear the burden of the latter. So, shop with comfort in mind to make sure you can enjoy your day and look amazing while doing it.

  • Have fun

A lot of people are put off by the image that the fashion world tends to present. It’s actually quite funny when you think about it, because they don’t always make themselves look good. It’s an industry that can come across as only being worth bothering about if you fit certain demographics and as a result, older people can feel like they aren’t welcome to the party.

However, that is changing and it’s important to remember that fashion is all about how it makes you feel. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to miss out on enjoyable and meaningful activities. So, be creative, wear whatever makes you happy, and yes, have fun with it.