What to Expect When Moving into Melrose Care Home

We understand that moving somewhere new is always a major life event. Often, our residents leave homes they’ve been in for many decades, and that can be a very emotional experience.

Part of the reason it can have such an impact is the anxiety of change. To help reduce those feelings of stress and apprehension, we’ve decided to put together a list of five key things you can expect when moving into Melrose Care Home. That way, you and your loved ones can rest assured that our aim is always to provide the best quality of life for every person that comes to live with us.

1. An individual approach

We believe in person-centred care. That means we understand that everyone has individual needs, and we’ll do everything we can to fulfil them. For instance, we encourage you to make your room as unique to you as you want. We’ll ask about what you like to eat and do each day so we can provide meals and activities you’ll enjoy. Fun is taken seriously at Melrose, and it all starts with good communication.

And of course, our care is based on your health requirements on every level, from our dedicated carers to registered nurses. It’s about communication. We’ll ask you what you need – not just when you move in, but consistently – so you’re never left without all the things you need for health and happiness.

2. Health as a top priority

Because everybody’s care needs are different, we start by creating a care plan which is based on individual assessments of each of our residents. This is essentially where we get to know all your care needs. This includes any medications and assistance required, both as directed by the residents’ GP and through discussions with them and their family.

This allows us to understand, for instance, what medication they can take themselves or which will require administration by a qualified nurse. It also allows us to understand things like mobility requirements, alongside anything else we can do to make you as safe, healthy, and comfortable as possible.

This care plan is reviewed and updated every month because everybody’s needs are always evolving and regular reviews with families are typically held every three months. Unique arrangements can be made whenever needed.

3. Excellent food standards

It’s one thing for us to ask you about your meal preferences, but it’s another to consistently provide nutritious and delicious meals for all our residents’ needs. That’s why we have two fantastic, highly qualified chefs dedicated to excellent home cooking.

Our chefs talk to our residents upon their arrival to ensure all dietary requirements, as well as preferences and dislikes, can be taken into account when meal planning. From delicious daily breakfasts to delightfully tasty spreads for events, and even homemade birthday cakes, our chefs truly add to the quality of life at Melrose, delivering flavourful meals while ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness.

4. Plenty of ways to socialise

At Melrose, you can socialise as little or as often as you like. What we do is provide all the opportunities you could want, and then you can decide how you’d like to spend your day. It could be with more solitary adventures, or something more social.

This is taken care of through our incredibly versatile activity calendar. As just a few examples, we offer exercise classes, game afternoons, quizzes, musical sessions, weekly choir practice, art classes and much more. Plus, we’re always looking to accommodate if there’s something a resident wants to pursue whenever we can.

We also really encourage our residents to view staying with us as an opportunity to create better connections with their own family. One really common misconception is that a move into a care home would create a divide between a resident and loved ones. But we’re all about maintaining that contact and encouraging visitation and connection whenever possible. This is through calls and emails, as well as monthly Zoom meetings that all relatives are invited to join and a weekly email keeping them in the loop

This is incredibly important because loneliness is a major health concern for the elderly, beyond socialising also being important for the best quality of life.

5. Opportunities for personal growth, with individualism and dignity in mind

Individualism and dignity are integral to everything we do. We know that everyone, at any age, has things they want to experience and/or learn. That’s why, as part of our consultations, we discuss ambitions and if there’s anything new our residents want to learn. If we can make it happen, we will.

In the past, we’ve helped residents learn photography skills, learn how to use a computer and improve their physical and mental health with exercise classes and visits from a physiotherapist on alternate weeks. We work with the local community to offer residents as much as we possibly can – with 88% of our residents have said they’ve learned something new since staying with us.