Taking Fun Seriously at Melrose Care Home

Our care doesn’t end at providing for our residents’ essential daily needs – because a great life isn’t just about getting what you need. It’s about having fun, making memories, and enjoying new experiences.

We take an immense amount of pride in providing meaningful activities for each and every one of our residents. It could be an outdoor art class, an afternoon of quizzing, a game of skittles, or just about anything else we can manage. If it’s something our residents might enjoy, we’ll do whatever we can to provide.

Here, we’re going to explain why we care so much about providing meaningful activities, and even how we go about selecting them. That way, you’ll have an idea of why we view them as so important, and also, what our residents can expect from our exciting and varied schedule.

Why activities matter at Melrose

Our aim is always to ensure that every person who stays with us is provided with a home where they can pursue the best life possible, no matter what stage they’re at. Activities are vital to achieving this – probably more so than you think. Consider, for example, that a satisfying set of activities can give our residents with the following:

Ways to progress in later life

We want our residents to achieve any ambition they have. For instance, we’ve had people learn photography, rediscover their artistic side, and gain computer skills, as just a few examples. Achieving personalised goals gives people things to look forward to and can be a great way to access new abilities and improve self-esteem. In fact, 88% of our residents say they’ve learned something new since joining us.

Socialising opportunities

Loneliness is a huge problem among the elderly. According to Age UK, over 1.4 million older people suffer from loneliness. Considering that previous studies have equated the health risks of loneliness with smoking 15 cigarettes a day, this is an incredibly serious issue. We combat that at Melrose Care Home by providing lots of social activities – everyone has the chance to socialise as little or as much as they want with us.

A way of asserting individuality

Our hobbies and interests make up a huge part of who we are as individuals. It reflects our uniqueness and our own life story. It’s vital to us that all of our residents receive personalised care, so that they can maintain and even further explore all the things which make them so special. Providing activities related to their interests is one way of achieving that. Plus, there are few things better than sharing something you love with friends.

Help in making Melrose feel even more like home

Moving into a new home is often stressful. That’s why we do everything we can to make the process as enjoyable and as welcoming as possible. Our activities can really help with settling in by providing fun ways of meeting new people and getting acquainted with our facilities. It’s also a great chance to get to know the staff here at Melrose Care, as we do everything we can to be involved in ensuring the enjoyment of all the pursuits offered.

Ways to celebrate

We’re always happy to assist residents in celebrating big events, whether personal, religious, or anything else.  For instance, we happen to think we throw quite the Christmas party. And, of course, birthdays are always an occasion for celebration at Melrose.

Improvements to mental and physical health

While no activities are a magic wand when it comes to improving health, they have been proven to be beneficial. The NHS advises as much as 150 minutes of activity a week to improve health and reduce the risk of conditions like heart disease and stroke. Our exercises classes can certainly help with that.

In addition, the NICE report on mental wellbeing in older people in care homes shows that residents who regularly participate in meaningful activities enjoy direct health benefits, such as a lower likelihood of developing depression. We talk about taking fun seriously because the impact on quality of life it has is so huge.

How we craft our activity schedules

How do we decide which activities we think our residents will enjoy and get the most value out of? It’s simple really – we ask them.

Our individual-focused approach to care means that we learn about each person, so we can best understand how they want to live their life and to do our best to facilitate that. To give an example, we have a resident cook who runs workshop recipes to learn the favourite meals of our residents and their loved ones. That’s how we personalise mealtimes – one of the most important and meaningful activities of them all. It’s just one example, but it shows the importance of communication and treating people uniquely.

It’s the same for activities in general. We get to know our residents and ask what they would like, or offer suggestions based on what we’ve learned about them. It’s simply about understanding who each person is and trying to provide them with all the options they need to live whatever life they want as optimally as possible.

There are practical considerations to take into account too. For instance, we have to consider any barriers to activities, including health or mobility issues, to ensure that everything we organise is safe and fun. One recent example of our flexibility is how we adapted our activities in the wake of the COVID pandemic. We needed to reconsider our schedules and some practical elements of our activities to keep residents safe. But we persevered to ensure both safety and quality of life.

There are sometimes limitations to what we can provide but when it comes to our activity schedule, we do everything within our power to deliver everything we think our residents will enjoy. And we learn what they enjoy through communication and through respecting everyone as a unique individual.

More than just a good time

We pride ourselves on our values of providing an environment of respect, learning, growth, fun, individualism, and dignity. Our activities are, of course, there to be enjoyed. However, they are also a reflection of these values and how we approach care for all of our residents. That’s why we take fun and meaningful activities so seriously here at Melrose.