What to Expect When Moving into Melrose Care Home

We understand that moving somewhere new is always a major life event. Often, our residents leave homes they’ve been in for many decades, and that can be a very emotional experience. Part of the reason it can have such an impact is the anxiety of change. To help reduce those feelings of stress and apprehension, […]

The Benefits of Outdoor Activity for the Elderly

Here at Melrose Care Home, we do everything we can to ensure that all our residents get to enjoy meaningful activities which support the needs, hobbies, and ambitions of each individual that comes to stay with us. This includes lots of outdoor activities, such as great walks, exercise classes, gardening, and trips out. It’s about […]

How to Help if You’re Worried About an Older Person

How to care for elderley in winter months

How to Help if You’re Worried About an Older Person When you’re concerned about a loved one – particularly if that person is elderly – beginning to deal with whatever issues are worrying you can feel overwhelming. This guide is here to show you that instead of feeling like you’re stuck at the bottom of […]

Preparing the elderly for winter

There’s a lot to love about winter. It’s home to many of our favourite holidays, a season of cosy nights in, and a time to get together and create memories with loved ones. However, it’s also a season that comes with its unique challenges – especially for the elderly who are more vulnerable to issues caused […]

The Importance of Music for the Elderly

The power of music is something we’re all aware of, as it has played a vital part in most of our lives from a young age. We’ve danced to it, cried with it, celebrated key life events surrounded by it, and had it as a source of comfort during the hard times. And yet, many […]

The importance of health screenings for men 65+


Health screenings are an important part of understanding your unique needs in terms of your health and wellbeing. A health screening is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s an examination to identify a broad variety of health conditions and complaints. This can, of course, help diagnose potential issues of varying levels of severity, […]

Taking Fun Seriously at Melrose Care Home

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Our care doesn’t end at providing for our residents’ essential daily needs – because a great life isn’t just about getting what you need. It’s about having fun, making memories, and enjoying new experiences. We take an immense amount of pride in providing meaningful activities for each and every one of our residents. It could […]

We said Good Bye today to a very special lady Helen Fredalyn.

We said Good Bye today to a very special lady Helen Fredalyn. She had been as Melrose for over 10 years and has always been so committed and dedicated to the residents and playing her part in the team. She will be hugely missed. Best wishes on your next adventure. Please do come back and […]

We had one of the best days today when Poppy came to visit.

Thank you Debbie for bringing her in and sharing her with us all 😀. We love to see pets come into Melrose And it’s one of the big things we all missed during lock down. We are so happy we are able to see some Furry friends 😀