Couples Staying in Care Homes Together

At Melrose Nursing Home, our aim is to deliver the absolute best care service we possibly can. This means that alongside the individual care that we provide – whether that’s long-term, convalescent or respite care – there are also options for couples to live together. We provide large double rooms or two singles, depending on the couples’ needs, allowing them to continue enjoying life together.

Understanding Key Concerns of our Residents

We understand that many future residents have their apprehensions about moving into a care home, even when it’s clear that it’s the best thing for them and their family. We’ve discussed many of those concerns in depth on this site, including common concerns about a loss of independence, and loneliness. For many though, there’s nothing which has the same emotional weight as the possibility of no longer living with the partner they love.

Often, couples have been together for many decades, and the idea of being apart is a simply unacceptable compromise, even when so many other areas of their lives could be improved by moving into a high-quality care home. The reasons for a couple needing to stay together are as plain and obvious as the love they share, especially when you consider that such relationships are part of their personal identity.

The idea of separation naturally compounds fears of loneliness. It’s a terrible melting pot of fears: ones which must be taken seriously as vital to the health and happiness of both members of that couple. Never underestimate the importance of maintaining important relationships on someone’s mental well-being, and also on their general health. So many studies have been proven them to be closely intertwined, as is covered in this 2017 report from the World Health Organisation.

How Couples Fit into our Individually Minded Approach

We talk a lot about how important it is that we make sure that our approach to each and every resident’s care is individually tailored. This includes everything from the care they receive to preparing the food they like to eat and providing activities they enjoy. And of course, a vital part of any person’s individuality is their relationships with their loved ones.

Part of our considerations is facilitating these relationships, just as we facilitate for their ambitions, hobbies and preferences. There is no more important example than our flexible approach to couples who wish to join us at Melrose Care Home together.

When it comes to providing for the needs of everyone who steps through our doors, our aim is to always offer as wide a scope as possible. That’s why we are proud to provide double rooms for any and all couples who need it. This includes our dedication to creating a space that is right for them, so everyone can settle in and truly feel at home right away. If two separate single rooms are preferred, that is also something we can provide, meaning that whatever your situation – and however you like to live together – you can do so here at Melrose.

Things You Can Enjoy Together at Melrose

Everything that we provide for our individual residents are all here for couples to enjoy together as well. At the centre of everything we do is the exceptional care service we provide. This includes skilled care from registered nurses, alongside specialist services, from language therapists to dieticians, as well as anything else you need that we could reasonably provide. While your care is of prime importance, it’s also only the start of what we do.

We also provide delicious, nutritious meals which are catered to each person’s needs and preferences. On top of that, we have an events calendar which we are always happy to adapt and add to, so we can keep every day at Melrose as interesting and varied as possible. If something isn’t there, just ask for it, and we will do everything we can to provide it, from educational classes to fun sessions and even relaxing spa days. And the best part of all of this is that you can enjoy all of it together.