How SMART Care ensures the highest of standards at Melrose

Here at Melrose, we’re proud to boast our exceptional service, individual-focused approach and our Outstanding rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). However, we’re not just an example of excellent care homes in Worthing: we’re also part of the SMART Care Homes Group.

This group has instilled us with our values and helped us grow a passionate, caring team. Above all else, this team strives to put every individual resident at the centre of what they do. This team includes everyone from owners and managers, to carers, cleaners and cooks, to provide day-to-day support that values the dignity and individuality of our residents.

Other nursing homes in Worthing run by SMART Care Homes Group include Amberley Lodge and Willett Lodge. Every member of the SMART Care Homes family is dedicated to delivering the best service and to meeting their key philosophies.

SMART Care Homes Group philosophies

With years of experience behind them, SMART Care Home Group is a key driving force behind everything we do at Melrose Care Home. Their core care philosophies translate into the service we deliver each and every day. These philosophies include the following;

A genuine interest in our residents as people

Every single person at Melrose Care Home – and across the other care homes in Worthing owned by SMART Care Homes Group – are individuals. This not only means that they have unique care needs but also their own distinct personalities, preferences and interests. It’s so important that we listen to and get to understand each resident on an individual level, so we can help them live the lives they want.

We aren’t here to take over their daily lives but rather to give them the freedom and support to maintain control and make their own decisions. Independence is something we value highly at Melrose and by allowing our residents to be true to themselves, we can also forge meaningful friendships with them.

Building bonds and trust

By creating those strong relationships between staff and residents, we can establish trust. This means that residents can relax in their home and rely on our staff to work with their best interests in mind.

It also means that their loved ones can trust in Melrose, as well as the other nursing homes in Worthing run by the SMART Care Homes Group, to care for their parents, grandparents, partners and friends who need us. They can know that they’re in good hands and that they are benefitting from the highest quality of care, so they can focus on enjoying quality time together.

This also means building trust between the SMART Care Home Group and Melrose employees. We ensure that everyone from chefs to care staff, managers to entertainers know just how vital their input is here. From providing the most comprehensive of training to giving them recognition through awards, we always encourage our staff and show our appreciation for the amazing work they do.

Providing fun and fuel

No matter what age you are, you should never stop having fun in life. This is something that the SMART Care Homes Group understands. That’s why they provide a huge variety of entertaining activities throughout the year.

At Melrose, we are constantly organising meaningful activities which help our residents to embrace their passions, learn new skills and spend time socialising with their friends. We also make sure that our residents have an input, so we can tailor our social calendar to suit their wants and needs.

And to make sure they’re getting the most from these activities, we also make sure that our residents’ minds and bodies are well nourished. It’s simply not good enough to serve tasteless, packet meals. The SMART Care Homes Group value nutritious, delicious and varied menus that are catered to our residents’ preferences and dietary requirements. After all, food is one of life’s great pleasures.

A safe and caring environment

SMART Care Homes Group aren’t working to micromanage Melrose and make changes to the environment that our residents feel comfortable in. Instead, they are here to provide us with the resources and guidance we need to create an environment where our residents and staff all feel safe and at home.

Sincere care, meaningful activities built on relationships and trust is more than just a tagline for the SMART Care Homes Group. It’s a pledge for all workers and residents at their nursing homes in Worthing and one that we take very seriously here at Melrose.