Welcome to the Melrose Nursing and Care Home visiting pod

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The Melrose Pod

Where our residents and their nominated family member get to spend quality time together in a comfortable and stylish manor that meets COVID-19 guidelines.

The revolutionary pod contains a duel microphone, PPE equipment (if preferred) and sanitising products, all of which are wiped clean before and after each visit.

More about the Melrose Pod

Additionally, the plastic screen that separates the pair is easily wipe clean and allows sound to pass freely. In the event of having an individual hard of hearing or with limited speech we provide a white board and marker each side of the pod, making conversation effortless and relaxed.

Nursing care homes in Worthing
Nursing care homes in Worthing

How do I enter the Pod?

In keeping with recent guidelines a member of staff will meet you outside the Melrose garage where your temperature will be taken and hand sanitiser will be given. You will then be lead through the garden and enter the double doors of the back of the pod.

We provide 3 pod visits a day; 11:30am, 14:30pm and 16:00pm, 30 minutes per visit. This can be pre booked through our reliable office team.

Why did we build this Pod?

Our residents are the heart and soul of Melrose Nursing and Care home in Worthing. During these unprecedented times we must deliver freedom and independency that they deserve to enable them to see their loved ones through a safe and enjoyable manor. So book your pod visit today, or contact our office to see what rooms we have available.

We look forward to seeing you in the Pod!

Melrose Nursing Care home Worthing visiting pod outside view