Moving to a Care Home in a Different Area

When it comes to moving care home different areas can have different benefits. You may wish to be closer to your loved ones or relocate to a destination that you’ve always dreamed of calling your home. However – as is always the case when you move house – there are a number of important considerations you should make in order to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are just a few things to think about before moving to a care home in a different area.

Understand How Funding Will Work Between Local Councils

It’s crucial that you understand how your care home service will be financed. If you have savings or a property that is below the value of £21,000, then your local council will assist with the full cost of your care home. However, they will still assess how much you can contribute towards the cost. This will depend on your savings and any income you may be receiving.

‍Once you have been assessed by your local council, you do not have to stay in the same area. You can choose to move to any care home across the UK, with the council that originally assessed you still covering the costs. If you choose to move to an area that has higher property fees, your local council should consider increasing the amount of funding you are entitled to in order to facilitate the move. Just make sure you have made your reasons for wanting to move into that particular area clear in your assessment.

Also, please bear in mind that if you choose to move to a devolved region, you will need to arrange a cross-border placement with the social services in your local council.

Get To Grips With the Services Provided By Your Care Home

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their care home service. It Is therefore important that you ensure your care home of choice is able to provide the support you require. If you are needing long term care, then make sure that the care home knows as much information about you as possible, including any health or mobility issues you may have and any medication you are currently on.

However, it’s not just about the care service that your home provides you with. Your day to day quality of life is so important too. Therefore, we always advise reading up on what additional services are available. For example, at Melrose Care Home, we offer all our residents an exciting calendar of monthly activities, from exercise groups to relaxing massages, art and craft time to flower arrangement classes. We also have a fantastic onsite catering service, which provides filling and fresh meals every single day.

In addition to this, it is always recommended that you pay a visit to the care home before moving in if possible. This will allow you to see if the accommodation is right for you.

Consider How Loved Ones Will Visit

Often people will want to move to a care home in a different area in order to be closer to friends and family. However, if this is not the case – or if you want your neighbours to be able to pop by and say hello – then you should consider the practicality of people travelling to your new care home.

We advise that you do a little bit of research on the local transport links and motorway connections. Somewhere like Worthing is very well connected to the surrounding areas but it always pays to know just how easy it is for visitors to travel to you. London is under one and a half hours away from Worthing on the train, while it only takes 30 minutes to Chichester and 18 minutes to Brighton. Similarly, Portsmouth is a stone’s throw from our location in Worthing, while the Isle of Wight is just a ferry ride away.

Familiarise Yourself With the Local Area

It always pays to know where your nearest supermarket or restaurant is. But there is much more to your local area than that. Get to know what attractions and natural sites are located around your new care home. This way, you’ll never be short of ideas for days out with your friends or ways to entertain the grandchildren when they come for a visit.

This is another way in which Worthing excels. The area boasts beautiful beaches and an abundance of stunning countryside too. Cissbury Ring provides the ideal backdrop for a stroll, while warm country pubs, wholesome farm shops and even fruit picking gives you a taste of the good life. The surrounding coastline is sure to be a favourite among the little ones too, with the beach in Worthing offering plenty of space to run free, splash around and play away on the promenade.