Awards Won by Melrose Care Home 2017

Everyone who works at Melrose Care Home prides themselves on delivering the very highest standard of care to each and every service user. Our aim is always to offer those who rely on us an unrivalled level of support, care, attention to detail and even forge valuable friendships with them, while always working to protect their dignity and trust. Therefore, when we are recognised for our hard work and dedication, it is one of the best feelings in the world.

Throughout the years, Melrose Care Home and our excellent staff members have received a number of awards and accolades. Here is a quick rundown of the awards we have been honoured to receive throughout 2017.

The West Sussex Care Accolades is an annual awards event that recognises the excellent care that is delivered in West Sussex, along with shining a spotlight on the services, individuals and teams who work tirelessly to provide care to the most vulnerable individuals in the county.

This year, we were fortunate enough to take two awards away with us, as well as coming runner up in two categories: the Registered Manager Award and the Ancillary Worker Award.

West Sussex Care Accolade Home Care Worker Award – Chris Tidy

Chris has a kind heart and a warming demeanour that brightens up our residents’ days. To her, being a Home Care Worker with Melrose isn’t just a job – it’s an opportunity to touch lives and build lasting friendships. It is this positive attitude and unwavering dedication that has led Chris to go above and beyond her call of duty on multiple occasions.

When one service user was urgently rushed to hospital, Chris was right by their side. She stayed with them until they knew what was happening then, rather than going home, she went straight to the service user’s home to pack them everything they needed for the duration of their hospital stay. This was all done in her own time.

Additionally, Chris takes the time to really listen to everyone in her care. When one of her service users casually mentioned that they were using the services of a financial advisor, Chris had her suspicions. She took time to investigate the situation and discovered that the ‘financial advisor’ was actually attempting to steal the service user’s identity. Chris reported them to the police and they were subsequently arrested.

West Sussex Care Accolade Best Practice Award – Ali Tulley

Ali is one of the most attentive workers we are proud to have on the Melrose team. She excels in building trust and friendships with the residents and never fails to lend an ear and a helping hand at every given opportunity. From offering end of life input to simply bringing her dog in for the residents who love animals, Ali is always there.

She exemplified this unfaltering dedication and respect when one resident was suffering badly with depression. Ali listened and encouraged the resident to take brave steps in her path to recovery, including going outside into the gardens again. Ali had a hugely positive effect on this individual and was vital in helping them make a turn for the better.

When one resident was facing pressure from a relative to move rooms, Ali was there once again. She spent her time listening to them at length. She then diplomatically explained their thoughts and feelings, giving a voice to the people who confided in her.

Great British Care Awards Care Employee Accolade

Since 2008, the Great British Care Awards have been celebrating excellence across the UK’s care sector. We were therefore absolutely thrilled to be named winner at the South East heats and bring the title back to our care home in Worthing.

It was a truly special moment for all the staff of Melrose and our owner, Lou said: “The judging panel recognised that, as an independent care provider, we really value and look after our staff, which in turn, produces excellent results for our residents. It was an honour to collect this award.”

The above achievements will be added to our collection, along with those that we earned throughout 2016. These included the West Sussex Care Accolade awards for Best Practice in End of Life Care and Care Employer of the Year, along with the regional winner for the Great British Care Awards Employer of the Year.

We are so proud of our exceptional team members, who always strive to improve the day-to-day lives of our residents. We couldn’t have achieved as much as we have without their hard work.

Now, with the new year just around the corner, we are looking forward to continuing to deliver our high standard of service to everyone who relies on Melrose Care Home. With their needs at the forefront of everything we do, we hope we can continue to add to our growing award collection.