5 Reasons Melrose is Perfect for Convalescence

When you or a member of your family has been in hospital, it’s possible that you will need extra time to convalesce once discharged. This is especially true at a time when early discharge is becoming more commonplace.

Here’s just a few reasons why Melrose Care could be the best setting to help you, or your loved one, to heal and make a full recovery before returning home. But first…

What is Convalescent Care?

This is care we provide for those who are recovering in some way, either from an injury, hospital stay or an extended period of illness. Just as is our approach in every other kind of care we provide, we tailor it specifically to that individual in order to best help them get better from whatever issue they are facing. 

Often people need convalescent care in instances of injury or illness because they find that their usual way of care routine is now not enough to help them through their day.For example, this service is ideal if a person can only manage to care for someone a few hours a day due to work and/or family commitments, and an injury has meant that individual requires 24-hour assistance: say for instance, if they now temporarily have limited ability that makes everyday tasks difficult to impossible. Life can simply get in the way for a lot of people and they find it logistically impossible to provide the levels of care that are needed after these kinds of big changes.

  • Round the Clock Care

 We offer all the convalescent care and attention that a post-hospital stay may require. Qualified nurses are on hand 24 hours a day to ensure that all aspects of care are attended to. Plus, there is a private physiotherapy and occupational therapy service onsite (for an additional charge).

With our around the clock day to day service, you can rest assured that we’re always ready to assist you with any daily activities that require our help, and we’ll do so in a manner which is custom- made for the needs of the individual. We also provide skilled care for any specialised treatment needs, which include everything from speech and language therapists, psychiatrists, dieticians and more.

All this means that you can take time to feel better and get back on your feet. Each room has a fully monitored nurse call system and there is a full range of specialist nursing equipment to suit individual needs. So you can just relax and focus on healing.

  • A Convenient Location in a Beautiful Setting

Our location makes it easy for visitors to reach. Worthing Railway Station, with its fast links to London, is just a few minutes away. There are also plenty of hotels and guesthouses in Worthing too, so visitors can stay close by. In addition, there’s a superb range of shops and restaurants for them to enjoy.

We’re also just a stone’s throw from the sea. The position of Melrose Care Home means that fresh sea air –  long known for its rejuvenating, invigorating properties – is easily accessible.

Not only that, but the facilities themselves are housed in a beautiful Victorian building. There’s 26 rooms in the home: each with its own sense of charm and personality. It’s important to us that each room feels just as unique and individual as our guests, so they can really feel right at home. Our large bay windows also help brighten the place up, allowing plenty of light to stream in and bring a touch more sunshine to the day.

Melrose Care Home is not purpose built, which means we can provide a more intimate, homely atmosphere than larger alternatives. Most rooms are en-suite and all have private washing facilities and digital television.

  • The Freedom To Live However You Want

Convalescents can use the communal areas if they wish. There is a newly renovated lounge, two conservatories and a quiet room. Whilst we would love to have you join us for meals in the dining room, you may prefer to eat in your own room and this is easily arranged. You can also participate in group activities as much or as little as you want.

At Melrose Care Home, our aim is to provide you with all the options you could possibly want. That way, you can pick and choose how you want to spend your days. Just because there’s so much going on, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy time alone if that’s what you’d prefer. Of course, if you do want to join in on group activities, there’s no shortage of things you can do. But sometimes we would rather just relax. Luckily for those lazy days, our beautifully maintained garden is perfect for sitting back and enjoying a warm summer’s day.

  • A Great Variety of Activities

As you can probably tell from our previous point, we offer a wide variety of activities for our residents to enjoy. Whether you or your loved one is into keeping active, relaxing or even something a little more artistic, there’s a wonderful array to choose from.

You can take fitness classes, play a board game, indulge with a massage, listen to music, enjoy a trip to the cinema or take up some arts and crafts. And that’s just a small glimpse of what’s available. To see a full example of the types of activities that are enjoyed at Melrose Care Home, check out a sample of an activities schedule from 2016.

  • Great Food Made Fresh Every Day

‍The quality of your diet is a huge factor when it comes to your health. This is not just because the nutritional value of what we put into our bodies has an effect on physical and mental well-being, but also because there’s nothing quite like a good meal to bring a person’s spirits up.

That’s why at Melrose Care Home, we insist on using the best locally bought meat, fruit and vegetables in our ever-changing menu. This keeps things fresh while ensuring everyone’s dietary needs are taken care of.

What To Expect from Convalescent Care at Melrose Care Home

If you do decide that Melrose Care Home is right for you, then there’s a few options available for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Regardless of the service you choose, we always ensure the best level of care possible for all of our patients.

  • Organising a stay of any length at Melrose couldn’t be easier. You can get in touch with us via phone, fax or e-mail. You are also welcome to arrange for you and/or your loved one to see the care home for yourself to put to rest any concerns you might have.

  • Fees are payable in advance and accounts for sundry items, such as hairdressing and chiropody, will be prepared before departure. The first time you come and stay with us, we ask that it’s for a minimum of two weeks so we can ensure you’re fully recovered. Melrose Care is always happy to help with applications for financial assistance.

Find out more about how Melrose Care can help you back to health after your hospital stay by calling 01903 230406 or via info@melrosecare.org.uk