10 Things To Do With Elderly Parents In Worthing This Summer

Visiting elderly parents and spending quality time together, especially if you can do it as a family, is one of the best things anyone can do to help improve their lives, as well as strengthen your relationship. We often don’t realise just how much it means to people when we take the time to visit – even more so if our visits involve doing something that’s fun for everyone involved. 

Loneliness is one of the main issues elderly people face today. It’s a leading cause of depression and anxiety, as well as potentially contributing to cognitive decline. Yes, a little time spent together really is that important. So, what are some of the best things you can do in Worthing this summer to make your day together one you’ll all really enjoy?

Visit One of the Town’s Many Beautiful Parks and Gardens

There’s few finer things to do on a summer’s day than take a stroll in the sunshine, and it’s even better if you’re surrounded by stunning scenery. In fact, studies show that being around nature can have huge benefits to our mental and physical well-being at any age. There’s even evidence that it can help reduce blood pressure. Plus, it’s ideal for families, as each person can do their own thing: kids can play games while the adults enjoy the surroundings for example.

When visiting Worthing, you’ll be spoiled for choice with wonderful spots like Beach House Park, Steyne Gardens and Marine Gardens.

Spend a Day at the Beach

If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with the summer months, it’s spending the day at the beach. Nothing beats laying on the golden sands and watching the sea fall off against the horizon. This offers many of the same benefits as our previous entry but with a very different environment, so you can keep things varied and interesting.

There’s plenty of wonderful attractions around Worthing’s beaches due to it being such a popular tourist destination. From eateries to shopping opportunities, you can really make a day of it

Take a Stroll Down Worthing Pier

While you’re at the beach, you may as well go see Worthing Pier. In fact, because of the cobbled nature of Worthing Beach, this can be a great place where you can enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the seaside without having to worry about any issues with mobility. Worthing Pier is much more accessible in that regard. You can even combine these two activities if you have family members of different ages and levels of mobility.

Go See Worthing’s Many Historical Sites

One of the things that gives Worthing its terrific sense of character and individuality is its history. It peppers the land with stunning examples of architecture from throughout the ages and really makes the town a prettier and more interesting place to be. However, a lot of people go their whole lives without checking these places out up close and personal.

By visiting the likes of the Original Worthing Railway Station, Worthing War Memorial, Arundel Castle Gardens and more, you can really learn to appreciate just how much this unique town has to offer.

Visit English Martyrs Catholic Church

While this entry could certainly qualify as part of our last example, it’s worth singling out because it’s so many amazing things in one.

For starters, it has that incredible history for which Worthing is known. On top of that, there’s the religious significance and its importance within the community. But of course, it’s best known for the amazing artwork which adorns its ceilings, which is something that everyone in Worthing should see at least once while there.

Learn More About The Town at Worthing Museum And Gallery

We’ve talked about Worthing’s amazing history a few times on this list and there’s good reason for it. It’s a truly fascinating town with a rich and unique past. Although a museum might not be the perfect place for a sunny day, sometimes in Britain, summer doesn’t always mean sunny. So, when the weather lets you down, Worthing Museum and Gallery is a fantastic day out and a great place for kids and adults alike to learn more about the town.

Go For Something to Eat

One of Worthing most underrated qualities is its food. There’s plenty of wonderful places to eat, from sophisticated restaurants to something a little simpler, like a lovely spot of fish and chips. This is both the perfect option for a sunny day and for younger relatives who might be a bit too boisterous for a long sit-down meal.

Visit One of Worthing’s Markets 

Something as simple as visiting a market can be a fun and practical way of spending time with an elderly relative. Worthing has plenty of great markets which can be a more interesting way of getting the shopping done, particularly when the sun comes out shining.

Have a Child-Friendly Adventure at Ferring Country Centre

This activity has been picked with younger relatives in mind. Children often have much more energy than adults, so the ideal scenario for a day out with a few family generations in tow is one that can cater for both.

For this, Ferring County Centre is ideal, with a great play area and animals for the children to enjoy meeting – although, we would say that you’re never too old to go say hello to the donkeys. There’s also a cafe for adults to relax and enjoy a lovely cup of tea. Do keep in mind that that Ferring is a mile or two away, so you’ll need someone with a vehicle to get there.

Go on a Guided Walking Tour

If you’re elderly relative is mobile enough, a history walking tour can be a great way to gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the town. There is a choice of guided walks available in the town, including those that explore notable buildings and ones that offer you the opportunity to experience the places where Jane Austen visited, lived and wrote about during her time in Sussex. Simply visit the Discover Worthing website for more information.